Bovet Fleurier 19Thirty Engraved Review

The Bovet Fleurier 19Thirty, part of the Fleurier Collection, is a masterstroke in horology. This watch is an homage to two centuries of watchmaking excellence, with the distinctive Fleurier case reminiscent of 19th-century pocket watches.

Bovet Fleurier 19Thirty - Front View

Drawing from traditional pocket watch designs, the crown and bow of this timepiece are positioned at 12 o’clock. The ergonomic 42mm case, crafted in exquisite 18K rose gold, is designed for optimal comfort, regardless of wrist size.

The sophisticated black dial showcases hours, minutes, and sub-seconds at the 6 o'clock position. This layout mirrors the design of 19th-century pocket watches, providing a distinct historical link.

Bovet Fleurier 19Thirty - Front View

Bovet Fleurier 19Thirty - Side View

A significant highlight of the Bovet Fleurier 19Thirty is its 7-day power reserve, powered by a single barrel. The hand-wound movement underscores the reliable, high-caliber craftsmanship inherent in this timepiece.

Bovet Fleurier 19Thirty - Movement

The hand-decorated dial is encased by a sapphire glass back, revealing the exquisite movement. Here you can appreciate the unique Fleurisanne engraving and the intricate details of the Caliber 15BM04.

Bovet Fleurier 19Thirty - Back View

Reflecting the House's deep-rooted expertise, all Bovet movements powering their timepieces are hand-finished and hand-decorated. Staying true to the House's history, BOVET's artisans meticulously decorate each detail of the timepiece, displaying an exceptional level of craftsmanship.

Bovet Fleurier 19Thirty - Strap

Bovet Fleurier 19Thirty - Strap

The rose gold case houses the black circular brushed dial, beautifully decorated with Fleurisanne engraving. Five sapphire gemstones subtly add a luxurious sparkle, further enhancing its elegance. Alongside these features, the watch's water resistance up to 30m and the full-skin alligator strap contribute to its overall aesthetic and functionality.

Bovet Fleurier 19Thirty - Dial

Bovet Fleurier 19Thirty - Strap

In conclusion, the Bovet Fleurier 19Thirty is a timepiece befitting a CEO. It embodies luxury, craftsmanship, and functionality – qualities that reflect the caliber of a leader. Its meticulous attention to detail mirrors a CEO's mindset, celebrating the intricate processes that drive success. This watch is not just a timepiece; it's a statement of prestige and discernment. 2023 | RSS Feed