Gerald Genta Arena bi-retrograde - Disney’s Mickey Mouse 🐭 playing football ⚽️ review

In 2021, Bulgari, the luxury Italian brand that owns the iconic Gérald Genta watch brand since 2000, revived one of the most beloved models by the grand master of Swiss horology and design: the Gérald Genta Mickey Mouse Retrorgrade. The watch was an instant hit and sold out almost immediately. The design was playful, unique, and captured the spirit of the beloved Disney character.



In November 2022, just in time for the World Cup, Gérald Genta/Bulgari released the bi-retrograde - Disney’s Mickey Mouse 🐭 playing football ⚽️ model, which took the Mickey Mouse design to a whole new level. This watch is limited to 200 pieces and sold out almost instantly, just like the previous version, which had only 150 pieces.


What is significantly new in the second iteration is the mother of pearl dial and the use of 14 plates to render Mickey in very vivid, lacquered colors. The design is very playful, and one could say that this is perhaps the ultimate understated luxury watch.


The watch features a structured rubber strap in the "Mickey red" color, and the clasp is marked Gérald Genta, with no trace of Bulgari in the box, caseback, or anywhere. 

This is significant because it shows Bulgari's commitment to preserving Gérald Genta's heritage and keeping it a separate, distinct line from their main offerings.

The watch is powered by the Caliber BVL300, an automatic winding manufacture movement that has a Bi-Retrograde for minutes and date, jumping hour, and a power reserve of 42 hours, beating at the frequency of 4Hz. While the movement may not be the prettiest, the watch's big spirit is in the dial and Mickey.


Overall, this watch is one of the best stealth luxury watches for a modern CEO. It's quirky, unique, and just leaves a smile on your face. It's a testament to Gérald Genta's legacy of creating unique designs, just like he did with the Patek Philippe Nautilus and Royal Oak. If you're lucky enough to get your hands on one, this watch is sure to be a conversation starter and a cherished addition to any collection.

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