Rolex Cellini Dual Time Review

In 2014 Rolex revived its Cellini line with a new lineup that includes a number of useful complications: date but also the dual time.

I am very happy to own the black dial model of the Rolex Cellini Dual time:

As you can see the dual time includes a second time display at 6 o'clock. Not to be confused with the GMT the dual time also displays the night or day in the second time zone.

The case has all the Rolex DNA: a fluted bezel and while being very elegant it is also very robust as you would expect from Rolex.

Whilst the Cellini line existed for years I think that this revamp is very successful for several reason. Beside the updated look it also offers an automatic movement that is obviously very convenient.

As you can see the case height of 12 (or 12.5 mm I don't see it reported in the Rolex site) is very solid.

The polished Everose gold case is really splendid.

I really like the buckle too, very elegant. The strap is available in both matt and shiny alligator, here we see it with the shiny strap.

Rolex was always a leader in sporty watches but here we do see a serious competition for many brands in the dress watch segment (like Patek, JLC, Lange etc.) why ?

Because Rolex has a terrific brand recognition, a (relatively) good pricing on this line and let's not forget the 5 years warranty and the Rolex superlative chronometer certification that at + -2/+2 sec/day, after casing is the best in the market

But the real strength of this watch is certainly its beauty and the ingenious, practical complication.

very elegant as a daily watch for the office
and works well with a briefcase and rose gold cufflinks

In conclusions I think that the Rolex Cellini Dual Time is an ideal, practical and very precise watch for the busy CEO. Excellent for travelling and for the city. The fact that this Cellini line is relatively new and not as popular as other Rolex models makes it certainly very exclusive and unusual -- at least for now!

A very elegant yet robust watch from Rolex.

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