Rolex Submariner Review

Few watches are as versatile, reliable and great looking as the Rolex Submariner. Launched originally in 1953 it has been updated several times. One of the latest version is the green (which, due to its color has the nickname of "hulk") that you can see in the live picture here:

in 2008 Rolex also launched a white gold version distinguished by the matt blue dial and bezel that lead to the nickname of "smurf" here you can see it in Venice, Italy very much comfortable with water

and of course is also at ease in the city
The most traditional version is the black one that is very versatile. It works well with a casual or formal outfit and is extremely precise thanks to the Rolex engineering and the official chronometer certification.

Regardless of the model and color the Rolex submariner present excellent value (is one of the few watches that, thanks to its popularity,retains its value throughout the years) and one of the CEO watches.

You can find more information at the Rolex official Website as always we recommend buying only from an authorised retailer.

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